Filipino Mythology: On Becoming a Storyteller of Today

The Philippines is home to a diverse collection of mythologies from different regions.

Since these regions did not necessarily share the same culture, it makes the similarities and differences all the richer. When Spain colonized the Philippines, these mythologies and pre-colonial belief systems were suppressed. With this near extinction of our ancient myths, we are grasping at all clues we can find to rediscover the stories we consider our heritage and legacy.

Interestingly, our primary sources of information about these myths come from old manuscripts taken by Spanish chroniclers and historians. Another source we have are the oral tradition. This means the stories have been passed down from generation to generation, usually by word of mouth.

With the advent of new media and technology, we have become the new generation of storytellers who retell our glorious past’s ancient myths, legends, and folktales. We need to look back to our roots as we see Filipinos today crave the fantastic and get their fill from other countries cultures and traditions.

It’s high time we also start appreciating our own as much as we value those from foreign countries.

Comics, ebooks, videos, and other new formats have become our way of continuing the tradition of storytelling. We can be part of the tradition of retelling stories by becoming curators, writers, creators, and artists.


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