Filipino Mythology: Why You Should Devour Them!

Filipino myths and legends are often relegated to children’s stories. Most Filipinos are introduced to these stories from Filipino reading lessons in elementary. 

Unfortunately, this introduction is the only exposure they have to Filipino mythology for many. 

Some instances of Filipino folklore can be seen on television once in a while. And comics are known to feature these mythical characters. 

But ultimately, Filipino mythology and its stories do not have a widespread reach. 

What’s unfortunate is that Filipinos tend to gravitate to mythologies and folklore of other cultures before even trying to learn more about their own. 

Here are some reasons why our rich Filipino mythology should be studied:

Cultural Identity

Studying Filipino mythology and folklore provides an essential cultural identity through its myths. The myths are part of the collective consciousness and are shared by society. 

The stories are an integral part of Filipino identity. Just like religions have their myths and legends, mythology can also serve as a way to express culture and values. 

Studying Filipino mythology also allows Filipinos to better understand the values of their ancestors and culture. These values can also apply to modern-day society. 

Filipinos are known for having a strong sense of cultural identity and pride. Studying the myths of the Philippines can give Filipinos an essential part of their cultural identity and a better understanding of their values.

Amazing Characters

Filipino myths are full of characters that are weird and wonderful. 

Some examples include the Bakunawa, Dian Masalanta, Minokawa, and the all-powerful Bathala! These characters are strange, adventurous, and full of surprising adventures. 

They are attractive, complex, and full of life. You’ll be amazed at how these characters remind us of Filipino cultural values, such as the importance of respecting elders, the need for adventure, appreciating our past, and not being afraid of the future.

Understanding of History

One of the reasons why studying Filipino mythology is essential is the ability to better understand the history of the Philippines. 

When Filipinos study the stories of their ancestors and culture, they can see the Philippines’ history from a different perspective. 

Studying the myths of Filipino culture shows the connection between the past and the present. It allows Filipinos to see their history as a continuous story. 

It also serves as a reminder of the essential values of the past. Remembering the past to learn from it and move forward is critical.

It Captures the Imagination

One of the most fundamental reasons why studying Filipino mythology is essential is the ability to capture the imagination of others. 

When people are introduced to Filipino myths, they can see parts of themselves in the characters. This is why tales are so beloved and appreciated. 

Studying Filipino mythology allows people to see their culture and traditions in a new and exciting light. It will enable people to feel like they are a part of something bigger and more significant than themselves. It is something worth celebrating and appreciating.

It is Tradition

One of the best reasons why studying Filipino mythology is essential is that it is a tradition. The stories of Filipino mythology are ancient and have been passed on from generation to generation. 

It is vital to conserve these stories so they won’t get forgotten and lost. These stories serve as a reminder of the values of Filipino culture. 

They remind people of the importance of the Filipino identity. And, of course, they are also a source of entertainment. 

Filipino myths are exciting, adventurous, and full of surprises. They are a great way to keep Filipinos entertained and happy.

It is Alive and Ongoing

One of the best reasons why studying Filipino mythology is essential is that it is alive and ongoing. The stories of Filipino mythology are being told and retold by the community. 

New media has become a platform for storytellers and artists to join in the time-honored tradition of sharing their stories of our myths. Social media has enabled free and instantaneous publishing, allowing us to access Filipinos and the rest of the world!

Our stories to this day are being passed down from one generation to another. This means that the myths are being preserved and shared.


Studying Filipino mythology can provide a great cultural identity through the myths of Filipino culture. These myths are also a source of entertainment and an essential part of Filipino culture. The myths can also be seen as a way to preserve the past. Our task as Filipinos of modern times is to join the tradition of retelling these stories how we see fit. 

In doing so, we become part of this large tapestry of tradition that dates back centuries and will hopefully live on for centuries after we’re gone.

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