Marketing Content Ninja: Mapping the Next Adventures

As a Marketing Content Ninja, I’ve decided to set myself apart from other marketers and writers. My intent is to find creative ways to build brands. Every day is a learning experience and I believe that we must absorb everything that works and repurpose it into something even better!

I’ve decided to start a blog. I’m not sure yet how I will handle the first few days and weeks of doing it. I’m going to experiment and find out what works and what doesn’t. I’ll post my thoughts, questions, and feelings on the blog as much as possible. This is something that is new for me.

I have had a lot of fun writing this blog so far. If you’ve been following along, you’ll see that I’ve been trying out different things including blogging in WordPress (and so far it’s worked well). But now that my first blog is up, I want to try some other things first before trying them out on my own website!

So here’s what I have planned:

Ninja Newsletter!

A one-page newsletter that will be sent out every month with something new! The newsletter will give me an idea of what people are reading and how they’re reacting to the content they read each month!

Ninja Ebook!

Next is to create my very own ebook! This ebook will detail 69 tricks on how to improve your writing and become a Marketing Content Ninja. The book will have basic examples and useful tips on how to improve one’s skills as a writer. I will create a series of tests somewhere on my site and only those who have mastered the skills in the book can be awarded an exclusive official Marketing Content Ninja certificate.

Ninja Blog and Events!

Lastly, I have a website that will be dedicated to the book and the events that will be listed on it! I’ll have a blog post per month with new content, and the posts will include links to other posts on my site. I’ll also have a Facebook page where I’ll share my experiences with Marketing Content Ninja.

I hope you like it so far! Let me know if you want me to add anything else to my list! I’m all ears!

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