The Lore Behind the Tarsier NFT

I was intrigued by the concept behind non-fungible tokens. In a world where everything can be copied instantaneously at the speed of a mouse-click, is there really room for uniqueness?

Turns out, NFTs offer a fundamentally robust way of ensuring that an item, despite it being digital, can remain to be unique. While many can screenshot or copy your digital product (or token), NFTs have the benefit of being integrated to a blockchain. Simply put, there’s a digital ledger that is ever being updated that keeps track of who owns what within its system.

It was all too much for me at first so I decided to focus on what I’m familiar with, making art. I decided to create 8,888 big-eyed tarsiers that have unique characteristics. Well, I started with just 1000 for now. Each one of them was unique in their own way. I even took the time to give them specific names inspired by names of places in the Philippines.

As for the lore, I decided to give them a magical back story and an equally fantastical purpose in life. Each Tarsier supposedly enhances a specific characteristic to their chosen owner. The way the lore goes is that a Diwata’s daughter, Maria Luna, created them from her 8,888 fractured thoughts, with each thought in pursuit of aiding mortals.

As such, these Tarsiers are embedded with special characteristics and powers that they share to their owner. They choose their owners by making the owner imprint on them at first glance. These 8,888 tarsiers are divided themselves into five tribes based on the color of their coats:

An Uram Tarsier.

The first were the Uram, the Burnt Brown Ones, humble and grounded. They were Tarsiers of Joy. They were the most populous and excited. Their mission is to spread joy, laughter, and happiness. Their love is peace, nature, and the simple joys of life. It was said that having an Uram Tarsier as a companion helps you find peace and happiness.

A Mabaya Tarsier.

The second were the Mabaya, the Red Ones, though their redness paled into pink. These were the Tarsiers of Love. Selfless but passionate. These Tarsiers were also the most creative and optimistic. However, they can also be quick to anger and highly destructive if left unchecked. It was said that having a Mabaya Tarsier companion can help you in all matters of the heart.

An Azulan Tarsier.

The third group were the Azulan, the Blue Ones, meticulous, calculating, and strong. They were the Tarsiers of Leadership. Among the tarsiers, they took on leadership roles in the early days. But more than politics, they were militaristic and disciplined. They are reliable, trustworthy, and pragmatic. However, they can be ruthless when necessary. It is said that an Azulan Tarsier companion can bolster your leadership skill, discipline, and health.

A Kahel Tarsier.

The fourth group were the Kahel, the Orange Ones. These were skillful, speedy, and energetic Tarsiers of Fortune. They are a trickster bunch and always have a good sense of humor. Among the tarsiers they are the most ambitious and shrewd. This made them the richest and harbinger of plenty to the tribe. Kahel Tarsiers as a companion are can bring great fortune and wealth to you and your family.

A Dagtum Tarsier.

The final group were the elusive Dagtum, the Black Ones. A hidden personality of the young Maria Luna, the Dagtum folk were tarsiers that rarely spoke but always delivers wisdom. They never lie and always seek the truth in all they do. Many mistakenly believe that they are the dark and evil but in reality, they are simply unsociable and gentle folk. They thrive in knowledge and education. Dagtum companions can motivate you to truth and wisdom.

With these five tribes of benevolent unique digital Tarsiers, I intend to spread their positive energy and joy to their digital owners. If you’re interested to see the first 1000 Tarsiers, you can visit them on Opensea. Some of them are already up for sale while some I’ve decided to give to my friends. My initial intention being to simply try the whole NFT process.

Let me know what you think of my little Tarsiers!


Jay Tevar

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