Why start a blog in 2022?

Now in its latest iteration, my new blog finally goes live!

At the time of writing 2021 is slowly walking out with 2022 on the horizon. And it’s now that I decided to rekindle my passion in writing blog posts. In the time where Tiktok, Instagram, YouTube and other social media platform dominates the internet, a lot of you may be wondering why even bother starting your own blog let alone your own website?

Starting a blog, for me has always been an exciting prospect. While I can’t say that I’ve always been successful in maintaining it, some due to work conflicts, and other due to sheer lack of bandwidth, the idea has always been appealing.

It’s a somewhat traditional platform that while not as glamorous or hyped up as the insta-Gen Z social media networks today, still holds a kind of dignified albeit still flexible nature to it.

In any case, here are my 10 reasons why starting a blog in 2021-2022 can still be a great undertaking:

Improve writing skills

As a content creator, I’m always open to doing better when it comes to my chosen specialty and profession which is writing. Words are the tools of my trade and having a setup that enables me to write frequently can definitely help in improving my craft. Others may be born with talent, but practice makes perfect.

Personal platform

Having 100% creative control over something published online all the time is a liberating concept. Blogs are great online platforms to share your thoughts outside the limits of even social media. It also gives an air of credibility in being able to maintain a legitimate blog.

Open opportunities

Owning a blog makes you a blogger. This new title carries with it the potential of presenting yourself in a fresh new angle to society. As you grow your audience and establish your reputation as a blogger, you can expect opportunities and experiences in a whole new level outside one’s comfort zone.

Develop expertise

By writing about something specific with enough facts and passion, you effectively position yourself as an expert of a particular subject at least in your own personal view and opinions. By engaging with a community of likeminded people, you are positioned to further your knowledge to your own niche and specialties.

Ability to monetize

The internet is here to stay and along with it the commerce that comes along it. By having a blog, you are provided multiple ways to make money out of it. Leverage the influence and audience you build and perhaps you can earn enough to make a living while doing something you love.

Build audience

A blog is a very effective springboard to create a following. While social media will definitely magnify your ability to build your influence, having a blog will definitely provide to your audience a grounded landing area devoted to you, your brand, and your specific identity.

Make difference

Blogging can be a vehicle to your personal advocacy and ideologies. Having a blog empowers you with publishing capabilities that can bring eventual difference for a possible cause you might have. While you can’t expect overnight changes to happen, having such platform building and developing in a steady pace would make an impact.

For fun!

Perhaps the simplest reason to do something is because you enjoy it. You enjoy the idea of it! The prospect of what it could be in the future excites you. While it’s true that maintaining a blog is no walk in the park, having a true passion which is blogging and being able to act on it is reason enough.

I know now that most of my writing will never be perfect. And that’s fine. What’s important is that we keep to our toes and continue working on what you like.

I hope you join me in this personal writing adventure by being one of my Dear Readers. I’m set to create the accompanying social media pages, groups, and other accounts in due time. Until then, wish me luck as I wish you good luck.

Your hopeful content creator,

Jay Tevar

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